DIN-rail Temperature transmitter TMT130

Release date:2018-08-21 15:33:42

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1)DIN Rail Temperature transmitter for converting various input signals into a scalable 4 to 20mA analogue output signal
2)Wide voltage supply range
3)Expanded resistance input (max 2kΩ)
4)Expanded voltage input (max 2KmV)

* 2-wire technology, 4 to 20mA analogue output
* High accuracy in total ambient temperature range
* Internal cold junction
* Customer specific measurement range setting or expanded SETUP
* Simple and user friendly software
* e-HART communication

Technical data:
Output:  4 to 20mA
Supply voltage:7.5 to 45VDC 
Input:RTD, TC, Ohm, mV 
Influence of ambient:Negligible 
Load influence:Negligible 
Power supply influence:Negligible 
ExplosionIntrinsically safe: no limit